Telematics hub — the gateway for telemetry data

A brief overview of the flespi communication capabilities and the structure of this KB.

The term "telematics" stands for the technology of sending, receiving, and storing information using telecommunication devices to control remote objects. Flespi Telematics Hub is a middleware between tracking devices and various business platforms. 

Telematics Hub can be used as:

  • Backend platform — you can build your Telematics Business Application using flespi as a reliable backend.

  • Telematics data gateway — collect data from different devices and 3rd party platforms and use it in your application.

  • Device diagnostics tool — connect your tracking devices to flespi to debug device connections.

This article describes flespi concepts in more detail.

Quick start — for those who prefer to explore the platform by doing simple things.

The current Knowledge Base consists of the following sections:

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