Borderless VT100

Borderless Hub VT100 is an affordable compact-size 3G vehicle tracker with an IP66 waterproof casing. The device features 2 digital inputs for engine ignition and SOS, output relay for immobilizer, 250mAh internal backup battery, superior internal antennas, web-based device management and status monitoring, power-cut, low battery, over-speed, shock, and other alerts.

Title Name Description Properties
ACK status ack Setup ACK mode status: Status
Device Information device_info Device Information iccid: ICCID
Trigger digital output dout_vt100 mode: Mode
Setup Heartbeat mode heartbeat_vt100 mode: Mode

interval: Report interval
Setup Keep Alive mode keep_alive_interval mode: Mode

interval: Report interval
Setup Low Battery alarm low_battery_alarm_vt100 mode: Mode
Setup Overspeed alarm overspeed_alarm mode: Mode

speed: Speed limit

interval: Report interval
Setup Overspeed alarm over SMS overspeed_alarm_sms_vt100 mode: Mode

speed: Speed limit

interval: Report interval
Request current device's position pool_position_current
Request the device to send its position for the specified period with pointed interval pool_position_period duration: Duration

interval: Interval
Power Mode power_mode Setup GSM and GPS working mode depending on power mode status: Status
Restart Device reboot Device restart after specified number of seconds. SMS command ignores time delay and resrarts device right away. interval: delay device restart (max 300 seconds)
Restore factory defaults restore Device restore factory defaults after specified number of seconds. interval: delay device restore (max 300 seconds)
Server Settings Setup server The server send command to tracker to setup server settings. Please note that device will reboot when changing server settings. apn: APN

host: Host

port: Port

password: APN Password

username: APN Username

report_mode: Report mode
Setup shock alarm shock_alarm_vt100 mode: Mode

sensitivity: Sensitivity value
Setup SOS alarm sos_alarm_vt100 mode: Mode
Update firmware update url: URL to download firmware
Setup Fixed time Workmode intervals workmode angle: Angle

acc_on_period: ACC ON period

acc_off_period: ACC OFF period