Borderless VT801

Borderless Hub VT801 is an affordable compact-size vehicle GPS tracker with IP67 waterproof casing. The device features 3 GNSS system support (GPS/Galileo with GLONASS or Beidou), 3G, superior internal antennas, geo-fencing, notification alerts, motion sensor, 2 digital inputs, 1 analog input, 2 analog outputs, 1-Wire, RS232 interface, and a 105mAh Li-Pol battery.

Title Name Description Properties
ACK status ack Setup ACK mode status: Status
AGPS mode agps Setup AGPS mode status: Status
Backend Server Setup backend_server Main server parameters where the monitoring data will be transmitted to host: Host

port: Port
Communication mode Setup comm_mode Setup Communication mode: TCP/UDP report_mode: Report mode
Communication protocol Setup comm_protocol Setup protocol used by tracking device: BH name: Name
Device Information device_info Device Information iccid: ICCID
Trigger digital output 1 dout1 state: Digital output state
Trigger digital output 2 dout2 state: Digital output state
Setup Harsh acceleration alarm harsh_accel Setup Harsh acceleration alarm duration and value on: Duration
Setup Harsh breaking alarm harsh_breaking Setup Harsh breaking alarm duration and value on: Duration
Setup Harsh turning alarm harsh_turn Setup Harsh breaking alarm duration, angle and value on: Duration
Setup Heading Change heading Setup Heading Change angle: Angle
Setup Heartbeat mode heartbeat mode: Mode
Jamming jamming Setup Jamming mode status: Status
Setup Keep Alive mode keep_alive mode: Mode
Setup Low Battery alarm low_battery_alarm_vt801 mode: Mode
Setup Motion alert motion_alert Setup Motion alert duration and threshold motion: Motion threshold

duration: Alert motion duration

no_motion: No Motion threshold
GSM Network Setup network Access point settings for SIM card apn: APN

password: APN Password

username: APN Username
Setup Overspeed alarm overspeed_alarm mode: Mode

speed: Speed limit

interval: Report interval
Setup Overspeed alarm over SMS overspeed_alarm_sms_vt801 mode: Mode

speed: Speed limit

interval: Report interval
Setup Overspeed alarm time over SMS overspeed_alarm_time_sms interval: Report interval
Request current device's position pool_position
Restart Device reboot Device restart after specified number of seconds. SMS command ignores time delay and resrarts device right away. interval: delay device restart (max 300 seconds)
Setup shock alarm shock_alarm_vt801 mode: Mode

sensitivity: Sensitivity value
Setup shock alarm sensitivity over SMS shock_alarm_vt801_sens_sms sensitivity: Sensitivity value
Setup shock alarm mode over SMS shock_alarm_vt801_sms mode: Mode
Setup sleep mode sleep Setup sleep mode when using the internal battery mode: Mode
Setup SOS alarm sos_alarm_vt801 mode: Mode
Setup Workmode work mode: Mode