Queclink GV600M

Queclink GV600M is a robust waterproof GNSS tracker with LTE support suitable for versatile vehicle tracking applications. The device features multiple I/O ports, 1-Wire interface, ignition detection, low power consumption, support of dual external power sources, and IP67-compliant casing.

Title Name Description Properties
Backend Server Setup backend_server Configure the backend server information host: Host

port: Port

heartbeat: Heartbeat Interval

buffer_mode: Buffering mode

report_mode: Report Mode

sack_enable: Server ACK
Device Information device_info Generic device information. name: Device Name

protocol: Protocol Version
Device Password device_password Device password, used to execute commands. password: Password
Network Setup network_lte Configure the parameters for LTE/GSM networks apn: APN

lte: LTE Mode

network: Network Mode

password: APN Password

username: APN Username