28 June, 2023

flespi conf 2023

First-ever flespi conference! Content-rich, interactive, community-bonding event.

6+ YEARS on the market.

12 team MEMBERS.

300 commercial CLIENTS.

700,000 connected DEVICES.

And we are ready for THE EVENT.

We want to see you in-person on September 12, 2023, in Vilnius (Lithuania) for our first get-together — super-intensive and packed with practical content, but also so cozy and friendly.

Why we want it?

  • Shake hands with our dear clients — after thousands of lines in Helpbox, we feel that we are still strangers to each other. We want to fix that.

  • Share the freshest updates (and even some “coming soon” stuff) — we are introducing major and minor improvements to the platform every month; you will be able to evaluate them in bulk and see many of them in practice.

  • Unite the community — we have clients across the globe and we want to experience this feeling of being part of the international professional squad that propels our platform development by challenging us with their demanding projects.

Why we think you will enjoy it?

  • Put face to the name — meet all the team behind the avatars in Helpbox ;)

  • Save time — in a few hours, you will be loaded with knowledge that you would otherwise have to synthesize from hundreds of our knowledge base and blog articles.

  • Chat with peers — there’s still nothing better than personal communication with professionals doing similar things in their countries or in other business domains.

  • Meet potential hardware partners — we are inviting a few trusted hardware manufacturers, so that you can explore the choices, talk to a qualified representative, or get the right technical contact for quicker troubleshooting.

  • Get personal guidance — we give you an opportunity to book a personal consultation with one of us and discuss any pressing, controversial, or disturbing issues in a one-to-one session.


Here is the tentative agenda for the event:

  • Let's sync the vision: confide in the flespi architecture, infrastructure, and philosophy

  • Level up the basics: explore channels, devices, plugins, groups    

  • Embrace integrability: REST API, streams, MQTT, webhooks

  • Keep calm: secure your flespi-based project with subaccounts, tokens, realms, grants

  • Adopt Zero scripting: dataflow automation & time-series data analysis

  • Hardware insights: BLE tags, video, gateways, other connected peripherals        

  • Data & Integration Hub: ready-made for feeding your data into any target platforms

  • Discover the UI: features, tricks and apps that will save you enormous time [workshop]


Registration is only available for the flespi users, so make sure your account is alive!

Seats are limited! Be among the first, so we can secure your visit.

Learn more and book the spot at the link:


P.S. BTW, has anyone told you that participation in the conference is FREE?

We are eagerly waiting for you to come!