Data transformation

Add or remove parameters, inject data from third-party services, script custom parsing, and more.

Plugins are the key instance in flespi responsible for the transformation of the received message before it departs to the destination.
Plugins apply to device messages.
You can apply multiple plugins to a message in the specified order.
Plugins can inject values obtained from third-party services, e.g. geocoding or LBS data.
You can request the development of a custom plugin to meet your specific business needs.

Plugin types

Plugin type Description Type
item-fields add static fields to the designated item, some of the fields can be stored as message parameters Add params
item-telemetry add cached telemetry values in place of missing device message parameters Add params
msg-expression add new message parameters as a result of evaluating expressions Add params
msg-geofence detect if the position from a given device message is inside a specified list of geofences; add parameters with the status (in/out) and geofence name to the device message Add params
msg-erase remove the listed parameters from the message Delete params
msg-pvm-code execute PVM code to process the message Custom parsing
google-reverse-geocoding resolve the position address using Google reverse geocoding and add it to the message Geocoding
nominatim-reverse-geocoding resolve the position address using Nominatim reverse geocoding (OSM) and add it to the message. Public and private servers supported. Geocoding
here-reverse-geocoding resolve the position address using Here reverse geocoding and add it to the message Geocoding
wialon-reverse-geocoding resolve position address using reverse Gurtam Wialon geocoding and add it to the message Geocoding
google-wifi-geolocation resolve Wi-Fi router MAC address information into location data using Google Wi-Fi Geolocation API and add them to the message Geocoding
wialon-lbs-geocoding resolve position coordinates using LBS Wialon geocoding and add them to the message LBS
We regularly add new plugins to the list. Follow the “plugins” tag on our forum to keep updated about all plugin-related news

Possible scenarios

Add, remove, or replace message parameters

Add reverse geocoding data into messages

Configure custom parsing logic for message payload

Add geofence status into messages

Add LBS data into messages

Add Wi-Fi-based geolocation into messages

Create your first plugin with flespi