Building a GPS monitoring solution with flespi

The steps required to develop a custom GPS tracking application.

Get data in your platform via flespi HTTP stream

Sample scripts to deploy on your server to receive the telemetry data from the flespi platform.

Beyond MQTT 5.0: extras we added on top of the standard

Unique features incorporated in the flespi MQTT broker in addition to full MQTT 5.0 compliance.

Configuring Topflytech trackers with flespi

Set up the Topflytech trackers with the flespi universal device configurator.

1 May, 2019 | change log | Aliaksei Shchurko

April 2019 change log

Major flespi improvements in April 2019

ReadyMixTracking & flespi: a perfect mix for concrete mixers

A tale of how bravery, willingness to succeed, and humble listening led to enhanced performance and better architecture.