11 July, 2019 | flespi features | Anton Kulichenko

Custom naming scheme for MQTT message parameters

Map original MQTT message parameters to any notation.

Sync up with changes in the flespi device API

Novelties in working with flespi devices and when you should switch to the updated API.

Designing a hierarchical project structure

How to establish a multi-layer business model using flespi subaccounts and limits.

1 July, 2019 | change log | Aliaksei Shchurko

June 2019 change log

Major flespi improvements in June 2019

27 June, 2019 | market news | Anton Kulichenko

All it takes to start an e-scooter rental business

Convenient options to power the software and hardware parts of a scooter sharing solution.

20 June, 2019 | flespi features | Anton Kulichenko

Analytics walk-through: time periods

Precalculating aggregate values by time slots for further use in reports, stats, and analytics.