11 December, 2018 | flespi features | Jan Bartnitsky

Jasper modem in flespi — a cheaper way to send SMS using ICCID

Using Jasper API to send text messages to configure tracking devices from flespi.

6 December, 2018 | flespi features | Anton Kulichenko

Sending Commands To A GPS Tracker From Multiple Platforms

Use the proxy channel not only to split the data flow but also to communicate with devices from several destinations.

3 December, 2018 | change log | Aliaksei Shchurko

November 2018 change log

Major flespi improvements in November 2018

29 November, 2018 | about flespi | Anton Kulichenko

Flespi Knowledge Base — You Have Questions, We Have Answers

A comprehensive collection of theoretical concepts, step-by-step guides, and troubleshooting methods.

22 November, 2018 | flespi features | Anton Kulichenko

End-to-end connectivity and debugging for GPS hardware manufacturers

How to ensure reliable delivery of data from your GPS trackers to the client target platform and debug issues in real time.

13 November, 2018 | flespi features | Anton Kulichenko

Flespi Panel Split: More Customization, Fewer Distractions

Mode selector depending on the functionality you use, new design, and color schemes.