10 October, 2019 | flespi integrations | Anton Kulichenko

Fleet Overview: unite fleets from multiple platforms on one screen

Aggregate data from different fleet management platforms in a single interface to ease operations.

flespi use cases from TelematiX [Video]

Presentations and discussions on telematics development with flespi from practitioners.

1 October, 2019 | change log | Aliaksei Shchurko

September 2019 change log

Major flespi improvements in September 2019

26 September, 2019 | flespi integrations | Anton Kulichenko

Warehouse conditions monitoring with Hazer

Smart IoT dashboards, instant notifications, and easy sharing for web and mobile.

19 September, 2019 | about flespi | Aliaksei Shchurko

flespi as a cloud or how we spent a week talking

Strategic decisions about the flespi future and continuous brainstorming sessions.

11 September, 2019 | flespi integrations | Anton Kulichenko

Reinforcing insurance telematics solution for UBI Technologies

How flespi ensures telemetry data processing and intersystem communication in a usage-based insurance provider.