13 February, 2019 | flespi integrations | Anton Kulichenko

Communicating with ESP8266 over the air via MQTT

A custom firmware enabling to control the hardware over its serial port to exchange data between any two points.

6 February, 2019 | flespi features | Anton Kulichenko

Five undocumented features in the flespi panel you may find useful

Small pieces of advice for a more efficient flespi experience.

1 February, 2019 | change log | Aliaksei Shchurko

January 2019 change log

Major flespi improvements in January 2019

30 January, 2019 | flespi features | Anton Kulichenko

HelpBox — built-in support chat gains independence

Fast and efficient communication with the flespi team. Now separate from the flespi panel.

23 January, 2019 | flespi inside | Aliaksei Shchurko

HASD — the new generation of hierarchical database

The concept of a hierarchical storage engine based on MQTT retained messages.

16 January, 2019 | flespi features | Aliaksei Shchurko

Ready for Enterprise Solutions: Managing Flespi Accounts Hierarchy

Detailed explanation of the subaccounts concept and how it fits the commercial application infrastructure.