MQTT Tiles

Open-source MQTT-based IoT dashboard visualization tool.

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Any MQTT broker

Tiles will work with any MQTT broker supporting the WSS protocol. You can easily have multiple connections to multiple brokers at a time.

Full MQTT 5.0 support

The tool is ready to work according to the latest MQTT 5.0 specification. Just pick the broker that offers the support of MQTT 5.0.

Easy sharing

Generate a link to your dashboard and share it with the interested parties.

Versatile widgets

Make a colorful and insightful mosaic from your dashboard — add gauges, toggles, buttons, iframes, text blocks and much more.

Dashboard saving

Save your boards configuration on the broker to be able to use them later.

Open source

Use MQTT Tiles in your projects, fork it and customize to your needs, and don't forget to say thanks.

Visualizing MQTT-based dashboards

  • Add versatile widgets to create visually engaging interactive dashboards.

  • Craft IoT and telematics dashboards including maps, data from sensors, telemetry, etc. Add action elements (buttons, toggles, etc.) to enable interaction.

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