About us

Easy telematics. From developers to developers.

flespi is an innovative backend platform by Gurtam, a company with more than 20 years of best software engineering practice in the area of GPS tracking.

Years of experience developing Wialon cloud solution now operating on hundreds of servers and processing real-time data from over 3 million connected vehicles equipped us with a unique expertise. Every architecture idea that we put into the flespi platform and every piece of code we develop stem from that priceless background.

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Our mission

We make technologies closer to businesses and widely available. We simplify the use of telematics services inside any software to spread them faster, thus making telematics itself more useful to people in all application areas.

Our philosophy

keep it simple

flespi platform relieves you from significant investments in R&D and offers you to start using telematics data for the good of your business.

keep it speedy

Fast integration.
Quick data parsing.
Instant economic effect.

keep it flexible

Unified data communication protocol eliminates any dependencies on specific hardware, protocols, and business software – no limits for roaring success.

Our history

Driving innovations is what Gurtam began with and made a lifelong focus on. Since the company foundation solutions by Gurtam were ahead of their time, but we never stopped seeing beyond.

Progressive concepts and accumulated experience materialized in the new type of telematics product.

Every breakthrough from entering the market with the first web-based solution in 2006 and Wialon SDK release in 2012 guided us on the way to flespi – the new product for the telematics IoT market.

We were the first on the telematics market to deliver web-based GPS tracking software. In the market saturated with server-based solutions, we offered real-time vehicle movements and mapping information in a web browser. Today about 95% of telematics software is pure web services.

First-ever we employed the SaaS model to offer telematics software to system integrators. SaaS term became known and widespread a few years later. Now SaaS distribution model is widely used by software development companies to speed-up sales, maintain predictable revenue, provide instant updates and support.

We were the first on the market to make a step towards third-party software developers and start delivering Wialon software as a frontend and a backend available via API. We also made all backend API open and documented.

Today Wialon is the only GPS tracking system in the world with 100% features available to third-party developers via API. Now integrations with ERP systems and third-party applications are one of the major requirements for any large-scale project.

With a brand new flespi platform Gurtam is a pioneer in the yet unknown market sector, where telematics data is to be consumed not by the humans but the applications. flespi offers an extensive DIY kit for developers to build customized telematics and IoT solutions with minimal efforts to technical aspects and maximum focus on the business goals.

flespi MQTT broker becomes the first to support all key features of the new MQTT 5.0 specification. Written in pure C the broker proves to be the best-performing solution of the kind.

Plugins in flespi offer rich post-processing capabilities for device messages before they are saved in the database. Plugins also accept scripts written in a special PVM language.

Excerpts of PVM code allow describing custom data processing and transformation logic to bring the telematics messages to the desired form most suitable for the downstream platforms.

We were the pioneers in the Telematics industry to apply generative AI capabilities to the knowledge we had accumulated over the years in the Telematics realm and provided such a consulting tool to our users.

Aliaksei Shchurko Chief Gurtam Architect

Aliaksei started an IT outsourcing business in 2002 as a student. Four years later he joined forces with his father to develop a unique satellite tracking system as their product. After a few initial iterations, the new product was introduced to the market under the brand name Wialon. Being the first web-based solution of its kind Wialon took the global lead within several years.

Gurtam team piloted by Aliaksei from the start has grown from 3 co-workers to more than 300 high-skilled IT professionals. Innovations and technologies have always been the key to success, allowing us to stay far ahead of most competitors every time we create something new.

Today Aliaksei and a dedicated part of the Gurtam development team are approaching the edge market of IoT and vehicle telematics with a flespi platform. Initially driven by simplicity to widespread telematics everywhere it's now a powerful tool offering wide telematics data pre- and post-processing capabilities and used by hundreds of companies worldwide.

flespi is a team

We are not just faceless skillsets but bright personalities with passions and desires together performing the symphony of our brand

Aliaksei Shchurko Chief Gurtam Architect, CEO
Alexander Adamovich Lead Software Engineer
Alexander Kiranov Lead Software Engineer
Jan Bartnitsky Software Engineer
Nadzeya Mikhailava Software Engineer
Oleg Omelyusik Software Engineer
Yury Aheichyk Software Engineer
Evgeny Shatilo Software Engineer
Evgenij Spitsyn Frontend Engineer
Andrei Ambrazevich VP of Marketing