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flespi is a middleman between IoT end-devices, which sensors are collecting data, and software applications you are using to analyze and make decisions based on these data. With flespi you don’t need to worry about compatibility - regardless of the device manufacturer and communication protocol your data will converge into an ERP, CMS or any other business software.

flespi is far ahead of the competition in unifying two-way communication of devices by multiple manufacturers with applications of all sorts. To date there are no known solutions of scale and scope comparable to flespi.

Not really. flespi is a cloud-based solution residing on our secure distributed servers ensuring 99.9% uptime. The Platform-as-a-Service distribution model makes flespi accessible from all types of devices with any type of operating system on board.

Yes. flespi panel offers intuitive setup of flespi configuration and interactive documentation.

Not at all. The fact that flespi was created by the producer of fleet management software is not limiting its scope of applications.

The basic fucntionality is free. If you need extended limits, quicker support or service level guarantee, you can upgrade to the commercial plan.

Any software capable of sending REST requests or relying on MQTT communication packets will easily find the common language with flespi.

The list of currently supported protocols and devices is growing steadily. We are regularly adding the most used and demanded devices to the platform.

No. As long as our cloud datacenter can manage the volumes of data from your devices, you have nothing to worry about.

No. All devices working over the same protocol (or devices of the same type working over the same protocol) share the same channel.

The slogan “from developers to developers” implies a certain level of technical literacy. Understanding of REST API technology and solid knowledge of any programming language will make deployment of flespi-enabled infrastructure an enjoyable experience.