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Device — a virtual instance of a real tracker

More control over each individual GPS tracker, dedicated storage, telemetry, remote configuration.

Basic: Registered devices layer extends the functionality of the flespi gateway:

  • Each registered device has own messages buffer (100 MB for the free account, 10 GB for the commercial account) with up to 10 years storage period.

  • Most popular device types can be configured remotely.

  • Devices have telemetry field which contains the latest values of all parameters received from the device and the time they were updated.

  • Devices' location can be visualized in TrackIt! - open-source web-application for simple tracking.

In terms of IoT, a registered device is kind of thing twin in AWS IoT hub or device shadow in MS Azure IoT. Even if your physical device is offline you can get its last telemetry and plan to send a command as soon as the device connects to flespi. Moreover, the device can be configured via SMS which allows you to force the device to do something.

Advanced: Device configuration is available in various degrees for different device manufacturers:

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