29 September, 2017

Open-source GPS tracking system. TrackIt

TrackIt service is a lightweight flespi-powered open-source solution for vehicle and asset monitoring with intuitive interface and basic functionality. And it’s absolutely free and fully customizable

What is TrackIt?

TrackIt is a nice and simple online GPS monitoring system featuring basic device tracking functionality and collecting all telemetry data provided by the corresponding protocols.

You can also think of TrackIt as of an add-on to the flespi panel for visualization of connected devices on the map and convenient telemetry data representation. Therefore, you need to have devices set up in the flespi panel to see them in TrackIt.

trackit open-source gps tracking system

Why would I TrackIt?

Our primary intention with TrackIt was to show how straightforward and time-efficient creating a flespi-powered GPS monitoring software can be. It took just a few days of development to release the first stable version of TrackIt. The project relies on the Quasar framework and will evolve to reflect new features and advancements in the flespi platform.

Another reason behind TrackIt is to offer the foundation for building custom tracking solutions to respond to specific business needs. Developers in telematics service provider’s team can easily pick it up where we left off and stuff it with the features they need. We just give a quick, flexible, and scalable core while leaving the freedom to expand in any direction that benefits you.

The source code for TrackIt project is available on GitHub.

How do I TrackIt?

Let’s get the taste of what TrackIt looks like and how to start using it.

Simply open the flespi panel, expand the Telematics hub menu and click the TrackIt item:

open trackit

If you are new to the panel, register with the panel, and you’ll automatically have a token created. Navigating to http://trackit.flespi.io directly you’ll get a chance to register with the flespi panel as well:

trackit login

Remember, that it’s senseless to use TrackIt with no devices in the flespi platform, so you’d better have some. Once you have at least one device with at least one message containing position information, just click on the device card and switch to the TrackIt tab:

trackit tab for flespi device

Welcome to TrackIt! The main screen in front of you shows:

  • the list of your devices connected to the flespi platform
  • their position on the map (just click Show on map)
  • their telemetry data, and
  • a track player to see how the device was moving.

trackit interface

Explore TrackIt in more detail by yourself — get some devices in the flespi panel, and start to TrackIt. It’s all free.