A one-of-a-kind telematics database will be happy to store telemetry from tracking devices, readings from sensors, pics & videos from cameras, and more. Get them in an instant in your applications once needed.

The database engine is 100% developed in-house using pure C with mmaped b+tree under the hood.

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Never wait for your data

Performance has always been our top priority. And since telematics and IoT are all about big data, we need to maintain performance regardless of the database size. Fetch 500,000 messages per second in a block mode and 100,000 messages per second in a random access mode.

Never lose a single byte

Every piece of data matters. We apply a special share mechanism to replicate data on several database nodes — this way we ensure RAID-10-like redundancy and guarantee your data integrity.

Pick the best storage type for your data

We offer several storage elements to better fit the nature of your data.

Container is a simple key:value database that will store data in a custom JSON format. You can then extract certain messages by specifying a key range or a value range. Containers can serve as a time series database where keys represent UNIX time.
You can filter messages by key (specify a key range) or by value (specify a value range for a JSON object). E.g., if a container stores the floating car data where a key is a timestamp and value is the current vehicle state and location, you can immediately fetch all messages when the driver was not wearing the seat belt.
You can also define how a container will deal with duplicates — ignore, overwrite, merge or add — depending on the nature of the data.

Abque is short for asynchronous batch queue — a storage element that can receive as many messages simultaneously as needed and place them into the queue.
Telematics platforms use abques to process messages received by gateway channels. They can also reliably dispatch messages, commands, and events from one application to another.

CDN is a special file storage with protected modification operations and read-only access via a public link.

Use storage API in your apps

Ease of integration means quicker results. Interact with the flespi database engine via REST API to manage all the low-level elements from any application that needs the data.

You get the following for free
100 containers
100 MB each
10 abques
100 MB each
5 CDNs
200 MB each

Login to store your telematics data and media for free or register via email  Should you need to exceed the above numbers, switch to commercial use