API to perform any operation with the flespi platform. Open API Box to delve into the API docs now. Also check our MQTT API.

Flespi is a backend platform that is destined to sit under the hood of your beautiful solution. Therefore, most of the time, flespi is in itself the API.

ALL operations with the flespi platform can be performed via the REST API and signed with the authorization token.

Request structure

curl -X [GET|POST|PUT|DELETE] --header ’Authorization: FlespiToken XXXXXX’ -d ‘[{"name":"new-name","parameter":"value"}]’ ‘’

Learn how to obtain authorization token in our KB.

Example 1: get the list of all registered devices

curl -X get --header 'Authorization: XXXXXX' ''

Example 2: create new ‘teltonika’ channel

curl -X post --header 'Authorization: FlespiToken XXXXXX' -d '[{"name":"new-channel-name","protocol_name":"teltonika"}]' ''

Example 3: delete a flespi device with specific id

curl -X delete --header 'Authorization: FlespiToken XXXXXX' '

Example 4: get latest digital inputs and position information for multiple devices selected by id

curl -X get --header 'Authorization: XXXXXX' ',2,3,4,5/telemetry/position,din'

Available APIs

API Box is the latest version of the flespi REST API documentation perfect for finding the proper request methods, interactive testing, learning about deprecated methods, and a lot more (check the detailed API Box guide here).

flespi api box tool

Interesting fact

All the user-friendly tools you use to manage your flespi account — flespi panel, Toolbox, TrackIt, HelpBox, etc. — are just neatly developed customer-facing interfaces wrapped around the API. Basically, these are the living examples of applications developed on top of the flespi API;)


You can use ACL tokens to grant access to the specific parts of the platform:

flespi acl token configuration

Request limits

Limits on the number of REST API calls in Free and Commercial accounts are outlined here.

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