Downstream integrations

Send telematics data to cloud hubs, fleet management platforms, and other services.

Forward normalized telemetry data to multiple destinations in seconds.
If the destination is unavailable, streams use a buffer to temporarily store the messages to be sent.
Streams are not the only option to get data from flespi — you can also use REST or MQTT API.

Destination platforms

  Target platform Destination type
Amazon AWS IoT Cloud services
Microsoft Azure IoT Cloud services
Google IoT Cloud Cloud services
Wialon Fleet management
GPSWOX Fleet management
Mapon Fleet management
Navixy Fleet management
Traccar Fleet management
GpsGate Fleet management
Key Telematics Fleet management
Ruhavik GPS tracking
Maxoptra Telematics & IoT platforms
Thingsboard Telematics & IoT platforms
GEFCO Logistics platforms
Redlist Maintenance platforms
BG Toll National toll road systems
e-Toll Poland National toll road systems
RabbitMQ MQTT broker
HTTP Generic
MQTT Generic
flespi gateway Generic
Wialon Retranslator Generic

Possible usage scenarios

Forward data to major cloud platforms: Google IoT Hub, Amason AWS, Microsoft Azure IoT.

Forward data to telematics and IoT platforms: Wialon, Thingsboard, Maxoptra.

Forward data via generic HTTP and MQTT protocols.

Create your first stream with flespi