24 September, 2021

Forwarding telemetry data to Polish e-Toll system with flespi

Easily comply with the latest regulations by streaming the necessary data to the new electronic toll collection system in Poland.

From October 1, 2021, a new toll system for e-Toll roads is in force in Poland for vehicles above 3.5 GVM. The system requires transmission of certain location data at certain frequency to the SPOE KAS (System Poboru Opłaty Elektronicznej Krajowej Administracji Skarbowej).

We have created a new streaming protocol to integrate flespi with e-Toll and give potential service providers an easy way to forward location data from any platform to the Polish toll road system. Here’s what you need to start.

Configuring e-Toll stream

Before you start creating an e-toll stream in flespi, you must be registered as a ZSL provider at https://test.puesc.gov.pl/en/puesc and have the following information to use in the stream configuration:

  • certificate — your CA to validate the HTTPS connection.
  • private_key — the private key for the certificate.
  • access point URI —  your dedicated address on the e-Toll system to which all the required data will be sent.

When you get all of the above, follow the steps below to create and configure an etoll_pl stream:

  1. Create a stream of the etoll_pl type and give it a name.
  2. Enter your certificate, private_key, and URI details in the stream configuration. Click Save.

  1. Open the stream card and navigate to the Devices tab to assign devices to the stream (so that the stream knows which particular devices to forward data from).

  1. The stream card should turn green indicating that the connection is established. This means that new messages from the devices will be sent to the e-Toll system.
  2. Monitor the message sending process in the logs on the stream Toolbox tab — all issues with authentication and dispatching will pop up there.

Note: all the above operations can also be performed via flespi REST API.


Whether you point the trackers directly to the flespi platform or retranslate data from fleet management and other systems, you can seamlessly use the etoll_pl stream to send the required telemetry data to the Polish e-Toll system.