Device management

Take more control over your GPS hardware — send commands to trackers by multiple manufacturers via SMS or GPRS from a generic GUI, carry advanced tracking device diagnostics at every stage, easily visualize GPS data on dashboards, maps, and 3rd party platforms.

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Configure all devices in your infrastructure from a single interface

No need to install configuration tools from each device manufacturer used in your project. flespi universal device configurator has the design and usability of an iPhone paired with the functionality and flexibility of an Android.

Send free SMS to set up your devices over the air

Even with GPRS off you can control the trackers remotely. You get 50 free SMS each month to establish connectivity and, tweak settings. The default modem for sending messages is already enabled in flespi, so you can start texting right away.

Change common settings for multiple devices in bulk [coming soon]

Need to change one setting across your fleet of 100 trucks? Already foretasting the fun of doing the same steps 100 times? How about you do it only once? If all devices share the same parameter format, you just select them and do a single change.

Debug device connectivity issues in a handy Toolbox

Messages do not arrive as expected? Device are not responding? Changes do not apply? We collect all possible logs and messages info and structure it for easy surfing and filtering.

Do more actions visually

Wire data inputs with outputs on the graph, view devices on the minimalistic yet insightful map. All within the flespi panel.

You get the following for free
1 configurator
for device management
across protocols
50 SMS
per month for over-the-air
device setup
3 built-in tools
for monitoring & diagnostics: Toolbox, TrackIt, and Graph

Login to start connecting and configuring trackers for free or register via email  Should you need to exceed the above numbers, switch to commercial use

Need to connect various trackers to IoT, BI, and fleet management platforms quicker?