flexible telematics backend

for GPS tracking device manufacturers and telematics service providers

Ultimate support of device telemetry parameters and access via REST API
Instant availability of protocol changes and models
Minimized time-to-market & maximized business opportunities

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Cut costs
Save on development efforts and technical support needed to have your devices up and running on each software platform — we’ve done it for you
Simplify device integration
Update firmware, introduce changes to protocols or add new ones, and make every new feature available all-over — just connect to flespi once
Speed up sales
Impress clients with quicker device integration and smoother testing, present new models with all features supported from day one — exceed expectations

How it works

Easy telematics. From developers to developers.

Telematics devices Business application

Telematics devices

Thousands of hardware types turned into an integrated whole with flespi



PaaS solution to receive and process data providing it via REST API


Business application

Telematics data used within your commercial software


Instant device support
flespi handles device integration for you and your clients — establishes data collection, performs protocol-specific parsing, bothers with testing and debugging — while you simply request the messages in a structured format via REST API and use them in a software platform of your choice
Bidirectional buffered communication
Incoming data stream from devices is parsed into a unified JSON format and put into the lightning-fast telematics storage; the commands to the devices allow over-the-air configuration, management, and firmware updates
Enhanced security
flespi platform receives data via personal IP:port on Gurtam server. The IP:port is reached only by your devices using the same protocol, while HTTPS promotes advanced data security for your applications
High availability
Distributed multi-server cloud solution designed to accept zillions of connections guarantees 99.9% system uptime. Check out how High Availability is ensured