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Accelerated telematics & IoT development

flespi will help you craft any location-based or IoT project you have in mind. Leverage flespi to aggregate and normalize data from a variety of IoT/telematics sources,
manage devices over-the-air, apply custom algorithms to your real-time data,
create live dashboards, and much more.


Point your IoT and telematics devices to a dedicated IP:port to start getting their data. Once in flespi, you can access the parsed messages from your app via MQTT or REST API.


Take full control of each IoT and telematics device: get the latest parameters state from telemetry, configure devices from the universal interface or via the API, store device messages for up to 10 years.


Run real-time analytics on the collected telemetry data and get the intervals calculated based on the specified logic.


Forward the data from your devices to any target platforms, cloud services, and other destinations where they belong.


Incorporate telematics into any third-party platforms (fleet management, IoT, ERP, CRM, BI, etc.) for transformation, visualization or backup.

Your solution

Deliver maximum value and actionable insights to your customers by making your app the right fit for their needs

Pricing highlights


forever for testing and development
(limitations apply)

Starting at $100/month

for commercial use

  • 3 protocol-specific channels to collect data from GPS trackers & IoT sensors
  • 50,000 simultaneous connections per channel
  • 1,000 virtual devices for telemetry, easy configurator, and long-term storage
  • 3 streams for connectivity with third-party platforms
  • 1,000 calculators to generate intervals from device messages
  • Priority support
  • On-demand protocols integration
  • Guaranteed platform uptime > 99.9%