Who is flespi for?

Not sure if flespi is your silver bullet?

Let us eliminate all doubts by telling you what and who we intended flespi for.

For whom?

To put it short, flespi is for tech-savvy guys:

  • IoT solutions companies to build and implement their offerings on top of flespi back-end
  • IoT / telematics hardware manufacturers to offer API access to their device data
  • IoT integrators / consultants to simplify the development and help their clients get to the market quicker
  • Any companies to integrate IoT/telematics into their business.

If you don’t match any of the above categories but feel that flespi can help in your projects, we’d be happy discuss your tasks and pains and guide you to the optimal solution.

And feel free to contact our partners to estimate and implement your telematics project.

With flespi you can

  • Connect IoT and telematics devices by multiple manufacturers
  • Configure IoT and telematics devices by multiple manufacturers
  • Forward data to third-party platforms in a variety of ways
  • Migrate between platforms
  • Collect telemetry data and store it in a specialized telematics database
  • Stream and download video from telematics devices
  • Debug connectivity issues

With flespi you can't

I'm still not sure...

Learn more about flespi ecosystem, team, and principles in our detailed presentation.

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