If you lack resources or expertise to develop custom telematics solutions in-house, this is a list of experienced companies around the globe with successful flespi-based projects in their portfolios. These are the guys we know and trust.

In this dynamic IoT world, everyone has their own task. We altogether strive to achieve a common goal — to supply the market with quality services in a new, efficient and effective manner. In this intricate network of demands and challenges, our partners rely on us to provide them with timely assistance they require. Bridging gaps, supporting and succeeding together is what makes our mission accomplished. Whether we are solving entire puzzles or just one part of it, we reinforce success at the point where knowledge and expertise meet. (CONSULTING+DEVELOPMENT=SOLUTIONS)

Solutions and integration of custom software. Our team uses the best of the Wialon & flespi platforms to integrate tracking solutions with specialized modules in areas of GPS monitoring, administration, human resources, maintenance, operations, commerce and more to provide directives for timely decision making.

The company specializes in customized fleet management solutions and accompanying services, e.g. fuel control, driver control, temperature control, etc. Experienced team will craft the product based on your requirements using flespi and Wialon platforms.

We are dedicated to developing industry-specific solutions that aim to improve efficiency and optimize the use of resources. Our approach is to build simple, yet powerful software, that solves complex problems.