11 February, 2021

Hazer — advanced dashboards for sensors tracking and industrial IoT

Dozens of widgets, customizable notifications, precise reports, and more.

We told you about the Hazer solution by KloudIP over a year ago and since then it advanced and evolved so greatly that we want to expand on it again.

What has changed

From an immature yet ambitious project, Hazer has grown into an established solution with a more pronounced positioning and wider scope of available functions. The application is ready to interact with all sorts of sensors and counters in the following domains:

  • Transportation (e.g. to monitor temperature, humidity, fuel level and consumption, door opening, tire pressure, light, etc.);

  • Industrial IoT (machine-hours, energy and water consumption, CO2, leaks, moisture, vibration, etc.);

  • Smart cities (smart homes, healthcare, warehousing, security, building automation, utility services).

Key features

  • Interactive dashboards for real-time sensor tracking that not only indicate the status and trigger alerts but also show the location of the critical events on the map.
    hazer dashboard

  • Big data analytics for informed decisions based on the aggregated data structured in flexible reports.
    hazer report

  • Mobile version (iOS, Android) to keep an eye on the key metrics and stay in the know of any events that may require immediate action anywhere.
    hazer mobile

New functionality

As I already mentioned, Hazer keeps getting more convenient, smooth, and thought-out. And it not only refers to the look and feel, but it’s also true about the administrative functions. Below are some of the novelties Hazer has to offer.


Each user can now be assigned one of the three roles: Admin, Manager, or Operator. The roles are there to avoid unwanted or unauthorized actions. Admin will have full permissions (including customization of the dashboard layout), Manager will have limited permissions (including the creation of sub-users, sharing dashboards, and setting limits fo t the sub-users), and Operator will have read-only permissions so they can only “consume” the presented information. 

hazer user roles

Advanced reports

The reports in Hazer became even more versatile and handy:

  • New report templates include temperature log, energy consumption report, and detailed notifications report.

  • Scheduled reports allow users to receive reports via email based on preset configuration — frequency, time, days of week, etc.

hazer scheduled report

Targeted notifications

Notifications are one of the most critical parts of a monitoring solution — they have to be on time and they have to come to the proper persons. In Hazer, you can now select which users should receive the notification. No more bothering the ones out of subject.

hazer notifications setup

User audit trail

To err is human. Being able to trace the sensitive (whether wanted or unwanted) actions in your Hazer account may save time, nerves, and a good name. The user logs show who did what, when, and from where — login, logout, IP address, creation/deletion of dashboards, etc. Simply put, the log contains every task that users perform in Hazer.

hazer user activity logs


With dozens of IoT platforms available on the market, it’s hard to surprise, be unique, and exceptional. Though most businesses do not seek a perfect solution. They want a solution that is good enough for their needs.

Hazer gives you all the possibilities to build powerful interactive dashboards:

  • It supports any type of sensors and counters for moving and stationary assets. 

  • It provides location detection to not only tell what is happening but also where. 

  • It features the mobile app (for iOS and Android) so you will always have the synchronized and updated data in your smartphone.

  • It’s ready for large numbers of sensors and large volumes of data. Hazer will handle millions of connections without even a second's delay. 

  • It offers vast capabilities for dashboard customization — colors, charts, graphs, reports — you see the data the way you want it. 


Indeed, the year 2020 hit many businesses and industries hard, yet it brought the stimulus to change, evolve, and work relentlessly to get your projects ready for the time (which should inevitable come) when companies worldwide will restart their operations and will start seeking ways to optimize their efforts and expenses. The guys from KloudIP did use the time wisely and efficiently to come up with a solid product in 2021.

If you are doing or intending to work on IoT projects, check Hazer as an effective tool for real-time dashboards, instant notifications, informative reports, and more.

P.S. Why do we even talk about Hazer on our blog? Because we know the KloudIP team firsthand — they proved themselves as experienced flespi-based developers, so we are confident in the quality of their work and their commitment.

As you probably know, Hazer is based on the MQTT Tiles dashboarding tool (which is open-source) and utilizes the flespi analytics engine for its reporting functionality, so we are proud to tell you about such successful flespi-based projects as this one.