flespi ecosystem

The flespi platform is a collection of services tightly knitted together to fulfill the connectivity, configuration, and diagnostics needs of telematics, IoT, and beyond. The interactive scheme below shows the big picture of the entire platform and outlines its possible uses.

Also please take a look at technologies our products are based on and flespi architecture overview.

Device management

a universal device configurator and additional tools for monitoring and diagnostics of your infrastructure.
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devices by various manufacturers used on your fleet.
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telematics hub

protocol-specific pipelines to feed the data from trackers into flespi
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flespi device

virtual representation of a physical tracker inside the flespi platform used to aggregate messages by device and enable device management.
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outgoing connections forwarding selected data to IoT, BI, fleet management and any other platforms for further use.
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IoT connectivity hub
MQTT broker

a fast and secure universal message bus for any IoT and M2M applications. You can use it independently from the flespi platform.
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Telematics database

a unique database engine adapted for processing of telematics data.
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rest api
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