Troubleshooting — quick help for the hard times

Guiding you out of unexpected problems, unfamiliar situations, and suboptimal solutions.

If you’ve faced with any kind of problem, system misbehaviour, a mismatch between API description and work, protocol violations etc., please, try to find your case in the following list. If you can’t find the answer to your question, let us know.

Platform access

"I can’t log in to account"

Possible reasons:

  • Platform updates caused some misbehaviour with your browser: try clear cache Ctrl+F5

  • Free account is automatically removed after 2 months of inactivity

  • You exceeded API traffic restrictions. Reduce the platform usage and try again.

  • You trapped on a very rare moment of flespi downtime. Follow us on Telegram to be informed about downtimes.

"I can’t find the way to switch to commercial terms"

"How to restore my account password?"

  • Follow the instructions here.


"The protocol I am interested in is not listed in flespi protocols list"

"The device I am interested in has no setting I want to use"

  • The implementation of new protocols or upgrade of existing protocols is done under SLA. If you want to extend flespi functionality, please, write us a request to or in panel built-in chat.

"I get parsing errors in channel logs"

  • If you see in your channel logs error like this

parsing error

This means that data received by the channel violates the protocol that the channel operates over. This may be so if:

  • The connected device does not match the channel’s protocol — check device model.

  • Some packets are not accepted by flespi platform — let us know (specify channel ID and the time when data parsing error occurred).

You can investigate the problem manually connecting the device through the proxy channel and using the HEX-viewer tool.


"I have problems connecting device"

"I have problems sending SMS to the device using device configurator tool"

  • Please follow the advice here.

"Can I configure multiple devices at a time?"


"Where can I visualize my data from flespi?"

  • You can use built-in TrackIt tool to see your flespi device on the map. You can also stream data from flespi to Thingsboard IoT platform and build flexible dashboards there.

"Can I extend storage for channel/device?"

  • Storage limitations for channels/devices are listed here. If free limits are not enough, you can switch to commercial terms.

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