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Modem — Instance To Send SMS

Modem is an instance to connect flespi and SMS service provider

flespi can send configuration SMS to tracking devices. A modem is an instance to connect flespi and SMS service provider. By default, each user has a flespi modem instance allowing to send 50 SMS per month for free users and billing 0.1 USD/SMS for commercial users. SMS can be sent in two ways: 

When you request to send SMS flespi selects modem with higher priority to dispatch SMS sending. If sending failed the modem with lower priority is used. Priority can be set in modem settings.

The way a modem connects to the SMS server is described in the “configuration” field which may be one of the following:

  • flespi — default modem type

  • clickatell — use API key from clickatell account to set up the modem

  • SMPP — is a standard protocol to transfer short messages. Requires the URI of the service provider and authorisation details.

  • Jasper — IoT solutions provider providing API to send SMS.

Phone number of the recipient can be specified in on of the following formats:

  1. International, starting with ‘+’ sign and no longer than 15 digits. Works with flespi, clickatell, and SMPP modems.

  2. ICCID — 19 or 20 digits printed on device SIM card. Works with Jasper modem.

Wrong phone number format will cause a modem to reject the message (after that flespi will try to send the message with a lower priority modem).

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