How to stream IoT & telematics data to Google IoT Cloud?

Ingest telematics events from flespi to the Google IoT Cloud using Google Pub/Sub.

Google Cloud announced that it’s shutting down its IoT Core service on August 16, 2023. The alternative for exchanging the data with the Google ecosystem is the Google Pub/Sub service destined to establish asynchronous communication between applications and solutions. With flespi you can publish telemetry data to Google Pub/Sub and then subscribe to the appropriate topics to get that data in the desired destinations.

  1. Create a project in Google Console. You will need to paste the project ID into the stream configuration later.
    google cloud console project id

  2. Create appropriate topics.

  3. Create a flespi stream to publish messages to these topics. Specify your Google project ID (from step 1), service email (learn how to create a service account), and the private key for IAM authorization in the stream configuration:
    create flespi stream to google pub sub
    Note: you can also specify a list of parameters (or all parameters) to be added as message attributes into the message.
    Find more details on access control, authorization, and required permissions here.

  4. Subscribe the stream to devices to forward data from:
    subscribe stream to devices

  5. Make sure the stream started sending messages:
    check logs flespi stream

  6. Subscribe to the topics from your target applications to get the updates instantly.

Change log

To stay in sync with all improvements and changes to the Google Pub/Sub stream, subscribe to the change log on the forum.

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