5 November, 2020

Tracking the yacht racing competitions

Watch the yachts competing live, check the leaderboard, see the routes and current weather.

Yacht racing is a spectacular sport with a lot of uncertainty coming from weather conditions (wind and precipitation), which makes each start unique and unpredictable. 

yacht racing

Project description

The current project allowed complementing the website with a live map showing the competing boats location, their routes and speed, actual weather information, etc. It was ordered by the Sail yacht association (L-6 class) in Russia and implemented by the innovative Geoservice company.

geoservice 24 sailing flespi map

You can always find the yacht position by clicking the “show on map” icon next to the corresponding yacht name. 

The interactive leaderboard shows the current and average speed for each boat, the live track each boat follows, and some other helpful information.

Switching to the OpenWeatherMap_Wind in the top right corner (“layers” icon) allows seeing the current weather conditions, especially wind speed and direction.

geoservice 24 sailing flespi weather

For professionals, it might be interesting and informative to see the routes of all competing yachts to make conclusions about the mastery of each crew.

geoservice 24 sailing flespi routes

The project is already deployed, though some improvements are still on the way: race player, archive, measurement tools, admin mode, and a lot more.

Technical details

The technical side of the project is pretty straightforward: 

  • each yacht is equipped with a GPS tracker (Navtelecom and Teltonika devices mostly used on the yachts);

  • the tracking devices report the data (location, speed, etc.) to flespi

  • The solution by Geoservice (Geoservice24 Sailing) requests the data from flespi via REST API, performs further processing and visualization

  • Geoservice24 Sailing is embedded into the Sailing yacht association website.

geoservice 24 sailing flespi project scheme

Why flespi?

  • Backend only needed — the Geoservice team designed and coded the client-facing part of the solution themselves. No extra features, no extra cost.

  • Powerful REST API — it’s convenient to extract the data needed thanks to flexible requests.

  • Quick and effortless equipment setup — it’s just a matter of a few minutes to point the GPS trackers to the domain name:port of the proper flespi channels and get all the device messages for easy access.

  • Instant aggregation of messages from various types of devices in a unified JSON format for consumption in the target app.


The guys from Geoservice were invited to one of the races held by the Sail yacht association in Saint Petersburg to see how their solution works in real life and to have some fun of course. Isn't it proof of successful and mutually beneficial cooperation?

geoservice team at the race