Protocol-specific flows bringing the data from your GPS hardware into the flespi platform.

Create your first channel with flespi

Quick facts

Channels are an indispensable part of any flespi project — there’s no other way to feed the data to flespi.
flespi supports 100+ channel protocols.
Any models from the same hardware manufacturer will communicate via the same channel.
With the cheapest Commercial account, you can have up to 25,000 simultaneously connected devices per channel.
You can send commands to specific devices connected to a channel and manage connections via API.
With Traffic Viewer tool, you can analyze raw traffic from any supported GPS tracking devices regardless of the manufacturer.

Getting your data in flespi

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Watch how to create a channel

Possible usage scenarios

Stream the entire channels to target platforms.

Aggregate data by device.

Plug in a script.

Create your first channel with flespi