Free open-source location tracking tool for flespi devices. Map, messages, telemetry, track player, and more. More details and screenshots in a dedicated article.

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Plain interface

It's a map first of all that's why you want to use it for tracking device location. We tried to make the tool spacious yet functional — additional panels can be shown/hidden in the menu.


Enable the messages panel to see the data packets coming in real-time (or see the historical records). Check if all parameters are OK or if anything is missing.


You can see the latest state of all device parameters in a separate panel by clicking on the device icon on the map.

Track player

When in History mode you can see how your device moving along the track. Adjust the speed by picking the multiplier and enjoy the movie;)


TrackIt currently features the very basic functionality. However, you are welcome to fork it on GitHub and customize to your needs.

Looking for root causes

  • Track your unit(s) on the map, see device messages and telemetry.

  • See the route traveled and play it live.

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Visualize your flespi devices on the map now