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How to stream data from flespi to Ruhavik?

Configuring the telemetry data forwarding from flespi to the Ruhavik tracking system.

Ruhavik is a mobile application (Android, iOS) by the GPS-Trace team to evaluate, analyze, and control your trips. You can track up to three units with the Free account and up to ten units with the Premium one. Plus you get advanced features such as notifications, polygon geofences, additional data storage, and more with the paid account.

Flespi offers an easy way to forward telemetry data to your Ruhavik app and benefit from its sleek interface and a bunch of helpful features for driving behavior analysis.

Create a stream to Ruhavik

In the flespi panel navigate to Telematics hub -> Streams -> “+” button. Give your stream a name and pick the “ruhavik” from the protocol_id drop-down:

create flespi ruhavik stream

Subscribe stream to device

Open the Devices tab in the stream card and pick the device that you want to see in the Ruhavik interface.

subscribe flespi ruhavik stream

Configure unit in Ruhavik

  • Install the Ruhavik mobile app — Android, iOS — and run it.

  • Register a new account or log in with the existing one.

  • Open the Create unit dialog.

  • Pick the Hardware type of tracker.

  • Choose the “Flespi Gateway” device type from the drop-down.

  • Enter the ident (IMEI) of the device subscribed to the stream.

create and configure unit in ruhavik

  • When you see the green “Connected” notice, you can click the Go to unit page button to see the unit on the map.

see ruhavik unit on map

  • Enjoy all the benefits of Ruhavik app with the devices forwarded from flespi.

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