How to send data from one flespi account to another?

Establishing secure transfer of parsed messages between accounts.

You may find yourself in a situation when you need to send the telemetry data from one flespi account into another, e.g.:

  • From parent account to child account (learn more about subaccounts)

  • From dev account to prod account

  • From one user account to another user account, etc.

To address such cases we added the flespi_gateway stream and flespi-gateway channel that can be used to transfer data between different flespi accounts via HTTPS.

The process is fairly simple:

  • Create a “flespi-gateway” channel in the receiving account:
    create flespi gateway channel

  • You will need its domain name and port in the stream configuration:
    flespi gateway channel domain name port

  • Create a “flespi_gateway” stream in the account you want to send data from and specify the domain name and port of the receiving “flespi gateway” channel in the configuration:
    flespi gateway stream config

  • Subscribe the stream to the desired sources of data (channels or devices):
    subscribe flespi gateway stream to channel

  • Open the Toolbox tab to see if the stream started to send  messages:
    flespi gateway stream toolbox

  • Open the Toolbox tab for the receiving channel in the different account:
    flespi gateway channel toolbox

  • You should see fresh messages in the Messages pane. Now you can consume them via REST or MQTT API a usual.

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