19 March, 2017

The new platform has been discussed way before its release

With brand new flespi platform Gurtam is the pioneer on the yet unknown market sector, where telematics data is to be consumed not by humans, but the machines

The new platform has been discussed way before its release, as given due consideration to the accumulated experience the community was ready for a another breakthrough by Gurtam. Telematics expertise gave birth to a product not only conforming to current trends, but also creating a market of its own.

Our motto “From Developers to Developers” accurately represents the essence of the product. We took the best of Wialon, a flagship satellite tracking system by Gurtam, and created a back-end platform combining maximum flexibility, speed and adaptability.

The platform was engineered as a set of modules each performing a dedicated function. The launch of Telematic Gateway module marks the start of the platform.

The telematics nature of the platform predetermines its core features:

  • Bidirectional buffered communication. Seamless data communication to/from tracking devices of any type
  • Extended protocol database. Established partnership with hundreds of tracking hardware manufacturers worlwide and ever-continuing integration processes
  • High availability. Distributed multi-server solution designed to accept millions of connections guarantees 99.9% of system uptime
  • Client-oriented approach. Dedicated IP and ports for channels free of charge for development and testing purposes, and clearly scalable pricing model for advanced commercial experience
  • Cutting-edge technologies. HTTPS security, usable REST API, stable methods for data transfer with data loss prevention mechanisms
  • Terminal connection. Simple way to diagnose and configure hardware through the Gateway
  • PaaS model. Server-oriented platform offering all the benefits of cloud solution
  • Extended communication layer. Data communication via TCP/UDP, SMPP, HTTP, etc.

The product is aimed at satellite tracking systems and IoT platform developers, as well as at hardware developers, each standing to gain from cooperation:

  • If you develop telematics product you instantly get new equipment and functions supported, thus accelerating software development/engineering processeses.
  • If you create BI/IoT products, you get seamless access to telematics data from thousands types of devices, acquiring a basis to generate proprietary Business Intelligence system.
  • If you are developing hardware, you get a common messages format and a unified protocol to connect your devices to any system within the shortest possible time.

By the end of 2017 we are planning to deploy three core modules. Thus, the platform should be capable of data collection, storage and processing subject to customer demands.

Visit Gurtam booth at Cebit 2017 to take expert opinion and leave your feedback on further development of the new product. We offer test period free of charge over the first several months after Gateway release. Contact us and become the first to get free trial.