How to add address resolved by Here reverse geocoding into the message?

Using plugins to resolve position coordinates into address using Here reverse geocoding API and add it into the device messages.

The "here-reverse-geocoding" plugin type is used to apply Here reverse geocoding functionality to resolve position coordinates into the specific address.

Important: you need to have a Here Geocoding API key to make the plugin work.

How to get Here API key?

Step 1: Click on the Sign up button at the top right corner of the

here sign up

Step 2: Fill out the personal information form and click Verify email.

here verify email

Step 3: Confirm the password and click Next.

here create account

Step 4: Choose whether you want to have a paid plan or not.

here pick pricing plan

Step 5: Press “Get started with HERE platform”.

here get started

Step 6: Navigate to Access Manager.

here access manager

Step 7: Select the Apps tab.

here access manager apps

Step 8: Press Register new app and fill out the credentials after press the newly created app.

here register new app

Step 9: Go to API Keys, press Create API key, and then copy the generated key.

here api keys

How to use Here reverse geocoding plugin in flespi

Click on the "+" button in the Telematics Hub -> Plugins section to create a new plugin:

flespi panel telematics hub plugins

Let's define a new plugin to resolve coordinates into addresses:

Then we need to assign this plugin to the right devices. Go to the Plugins tab for the required device and click the "+" button:

Hint: alternatively you can navigate to the Devices tab for the given plugin and do the same.

And then you should be able to see the address fields in the new device messages. Go to the Logs & Messages tab for the given device to check:


Performance and stability considerations

  • The use of plugins may result in slower messages registration in the flespi platform since it is preceded by requests to the third-party system.
  • We cannot guarantee the performance or stability of the third-party systems involved in the process — in case of their service interruptions flespi will not be able to save messages to devices and will respond with negative ACK and will also terminate the connection if the required flag is set.

Change log

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More plugin types

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