How to detect exceeding speed limits

Using plugins to register vehicle speed limit violations.

In various scenarios, it's invaluable to confirm whether a vehicle driver adheres to traffic rules and regulations, especially following speed limits. With the ‘wialon-overspeeding plugin, you can accurately determine allowed speed limits along specific route segments and identify instances of exceeding them.

The plugin is used to receive the permissible speed limit on a road section and add a custom parameter ‘wialon.speed.limit’ to all messages during the trip. If a vehicle exceeds the specified limit, a corresponding parameter ‘wialon.overspeeding.event’ will also be flagged. (Please note that you're not required to set up any Wialon account to use this plugin.)

How to use Wialon overspeeding plugin

First, click on the "+" button in the Telematics Hub > Plugins section to create a new plugin. Name it, specify 'wialon-overspeeding' as 'Type id', and click on 'Save + Open'.

Then we need to assign it to our devices. On the plugin's Devices tab click on the green '+' circle and select required devices from the list - one by one.

Alternatively, you can go to the Telematics Hub > Devices > 'Your device' > Plugins tab, click on the '+' green-circled in the bottom right, and select the plugin from the pop-up list.

Once configured, you will see that new parameters are added to the messages - you can check the device Logs & Messages tab but don't forget to add these columns first. 

NOTE: The plugin interacts with the speed limit database utilized by Wialon. The 'wialon.overspeeding.limit' parameter will only be added to the message if there is a corresponding record in the database for the limit on the particular road section.

That's it!

Performance and stability considerations

  • Using plugins may lead to slower message registration in the flespi platform due to requests to third-party systems. 

  • Please note that we cannot guarantee the performance or stability of the third-party systems involved in the process. In case of service interruptions, flespi will be unable to save messages to devices and will respond with negative ACK. The connection may also be terminated if the required flag is set.

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