How to add a human-readable description of DTC code into the message?

Using plugin to enrich message with human-readable description of automobile industry standardized DTC codes.

The "msg-dtc-decoder" plugin-type allows you to decode source DTC codes like “P0068” into a human-readable form, for example “MAP/MAF - Throttle Position Correlation”. 

The plugin automatically analyzes tracker messages for trouble codes and, if there is such a code in the plugin's database, adds a description to it.  If the device sends error codes they will be parsed as an array:

can.dtc: ["P0068", "P0507"]

description of the parameters will be added as a separate parameter for each element.

can.dtc.P0068.description: "MAP/MAF - Throttle Position Correlation"
can.dtc.P0507.description: "Idle Air Control System RPM Higher Than Expected"

If the description is not found, the parameter value will be Unknown, for example:

can.dtc.P0507.description: "Unknown"

How to use

Click on the "+" button in the Telematics Hub -> Plugins section to create a new plugin:

flespi panel telematics hub plugins

Pick “msg-dtc-decoder” in the configuration drop-down. 

When you assign device to this plugin, you'll see new parameters in device messages:

If you analyze intervals data (e.g. vehicle trips) with calculators you can use a counter of type="parameter", method="distinct" with parameter="can.dtc" to add to the interval an array with all distinct DTC codes that were reported by the vehicle during that interval (trip).

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