How to add address resolved by Gisgraphy reverse geocoding into the message?

Using plugins to resolve position coordinates into an address with reverse geocoding API.

Tracking devices exchange data in binary form but on the end-point you may need readable coordinates represented in a familiar address format. Gisgraphy offers open-source geocoding and geoparsing services, its free and open data approach can be a viable option for users seeking cost-effective solutions amid well-known commercial alternatives.

The "gisgraphy-reverse-geocoding" plugin type is used to apply Gisgraphy reverse geocoding functionality to resolve longitude and altitude parameters into a specific address that can be added to a message as a telemetry address in textual form. 

Important: you should retrieve a basic Gisgraphy server URL and an API key to make the plugin work.

How to use Gisgraphy reverse geocoding plugin

Click on the "+" button in the Telematics Hub -> Plugins section to create a new plugin.

gisgraphy plugin

Define a new plugin to resolve coordinates into an address.

gisgraphy plugin setup

Then we need to assign this plugin to the right devices. Go to the Plugins tab for the required device and click the "+" button:

Assign this plugin to the relevant devices. Navigate to the Plugins tab for the required device and click the "+" button. Alternatively, you can go to the Devices tab for the given plugin and perform the same action..

gisgraphy plugin geolocation

Once configured, you will be able to view the address fields in the new device messages. Check the Logs & Messages tab for the given device to verify.

gisgraphy geoservice plugin


Performance and stability considerations

  • Using plugins may lead to slower message registration in the flespi platform due to requests to third-party systems. 

  • Please note that we cannot guarantee the performance or stability of the third-party systems involved in the process. In case of service interruptions, flespi will be unable to save messages to devices and will respond with negative ACK. The connection may also be terminated if the required flag is set.

Change log

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