4 May, 2018

flespi is on Youtube now!

Step-by-step guides, video tutorials, overviews of new features and modules, webinars, etc.

We keep diversifying the types of media to deliver our content to you in multiple formats. We traditionally use e-mail newsletters, major social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), show up in Instagram, and have a Telegram channel (actually two channels: one for news and one for NOC).

From now on we’ll be releasing the video content on Youtube as well! Primarily, because sometimes a video is worth a thousand screenshots. And also, because it’s convenient — you can multitask when watching a video or listen to audio only.

We have already added the first playlist — flespi basics covering the key concepts and standard steps most users go through. In a little while, we'll be expanding the channel with overviews of new features and modules, interviews, webinars, etc.

Subscribe to the flespi Youtube channel, and we promise to deliver only the highest quality content to you.

P.S. Here's the first batch of videos we posted on the channel: