How to upgrade my GPS tracker firmware OTA?

Uploading a firmware file to the flespi storage and sending a command to download and apply it.

You can organize basic FOTA server functionality with flespi following the steps below. 

Create a CDN storage for the firmware files

CDN in flespi is a special file storage with protected modification operations and read-only access via a public link.

Go to Storage -> CDNs and click the “+” button to add a new CDN. Give it a meaningful name and save.

create flespi cdn storage for firmware file

Upload a firmware file

Click the Upload button in the top right corner of the Files tab and pick the proper firmware file:

cdn upload file

Once the file is uploaded, it is assigned a UUID (e.g. Right click on the file name and select the Copy link address item to get the link to the file.

Configure and send a firmware upgrade command

Go to the Commands & Settings tab for your device and find the Upgrade Firmware setting. Fill in the required fields and pick the uploaded firmware file:

configure upload firmware command

When the configuration is complete, send the command to initiate the firmware upgrade by clicking the blue arrow button:

send upgrade firmware command

If you are a GPS hardware manufacturer and you can’t find the firmware upgrade command for your device, chances are that we don’t have it implemented yet. You may request the integration by contacting us in the flespi support chat.

Check firmware upgrade status

Once you send a command for a firmware upgrade, you can switch to the Logs & Messages tab to check its execution status: 

successful firmware download log record

When you see the log record saying “the command to request or change the setting has been sent”, it would signify that the device has successfully downloaded the firmware package for upgrade.

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