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19 May, 2017

Now on Telegram: follow every change on flespi and IoT telematics

Discover flespi Telegram channel: fresh news on flespi platform and IoT telematics worldwide

Join flespi Telegram channel for the latest news about the platform, most recent changes, updates, and more!

flespi news telegram channel

We are aimed at maximum detailed and simple presentation of flespi features and characteristics, its architecture, components, the way it works, and the benefits from using flespi modules.

We are ready to share our experience and plans for the development of flespi products with you and are eager to tell of the way flespi products change the standards in the area of telematics IoT.

flespi news channel is a real catch for those interested in the Internet of Things and telematics as we regularly publish marketing research, forecasts, and analytical reports on the major trends of telematics/IoT in IT.

Click the link or download the app on App Store and Google Play. Telegram is also available on desktop and in a web version.

Stay tuned!

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