9 September, 2021

How to minimize idling in times of global semiconductor shortage?

Reducing the business waiting time in the world where delivery of the batch of telematics hardware can take months.

Automakers (like GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, etc.), tech giants (like Intel, Samsung, Apple, etc.), and other companies from chip-reliant industries across the globe are reducing the volumes of production or halting manufacturing because of chip delivery issues of unseen magnitude. As a seasoned service provider in the telematics & IoT market, we know that telematics hardware manufacturers experience similar problems just on a smaller scale (due to smaller volumes of production).

chip delivery waiting time chart

When a business waits for up to six months for the hardware to arrive, it loses money, customers, projects, and reputation. It gets even more complicated if you rely on hardware suppliers that cannot offer acceptable delivery terms and your infrastructure is tied to working with these types of equipment.

Pandemic made us suffer in multiple ways. Some things are definitely beyond our control but others are solvable.

Flespi is a hardware-agnostic platform that gives you the freedom to pick the telematics devices that fit best, that arrive faster, that cost less, etc. and seamlessly integrate them into your infrastructure. This gives you flexibility which in turn boosts your adaptability in times of uncertainty.

With Flespi you get the ability to not only consume parsed data from the versatile devices by different manufacturers but also manage devices remotely in a unified manner. It means that differences in hardware will be transparent for your solution — it will just get the data points necessary to implement the business logic.

Bidirectional communication is only the tip of the iceberg — if your business task requires custom data post-processing, analytics, streaming to third-party platforms, or other manipulations, you can delegate a lot of this to flespi. In essence, Flespi can serve as a fully-fledged communication hub between hardware sources and software recipients. If unsure how to best approach the task at hand or how to best fit Flespi into your infrastructure, shoot us a message in the chat.


Idling costs money. Missed deadlines and opportunities are demoralizing. Flespi gives you an easy way to diversify the hardware your solutions rely on without any complications for the current infrastructure thus making your business more resistant to external risk factors. The possibility to natively introduce hardware by different manufacturers into new and existing projects gives more confidence in getting these projects done in time as well as boosts your competitiveness on the market (whatever the market is).