22 May, 2024

Powered by flespi: SmartReport

Efficient cost management in toll-reporting for fleets in Chile.

In series of posts, we'll illuminate specific business cases worldwide, sharing success stories of our devoted customers with our developers community to inspire them and prove once again that there are no limits and no impossible tasks with flespi. We'll spotlight companies demonstrating enthusiasm, expertise in usage, and depth of integration, regardless of the technical complexity of their projects. So, let's kick things off!


SmartReport is headquartered in Chile. This country stretches for approximately 4,300 kilometers and has an extensive toll system in place, managing the various roadways and highways across the country. As toll charges hold 3rd line in transport expenses, definitely, a lot of small and big logistics companies look for cost optimization and here SmartReport comes in. 

With a focus on efficiency and accuracy, they streamline toll reporting processes for businesses while offering customizable options tailored to client needs. Known for reliability and customer-centric approach, SmartReport utilizes innovative technology to ensure compliance and deliver exceptional service and support to clients in the Chilean market.


Customized reports are not simply calculated charts; rather, they mostly require the creation of a detailed data map tailored to the specific needs of each fleet, highlighting cost distribution. Automation and precision should solve the problem of manual processing, reduce errors, and ensure data accuracy. Additionally, continuous reporting is necessary to provide an opportunity for operational analysis and adjustments to routes, streamlining journeys and saving on tolls. In general, logistics decisions will be based on collected data, making logistics transparent, understandable, and maximally optimized in terms of costs. Last but not least, seamless integration was crucial for the development team.


In short, while flespi streamlines the collection of telematics data, SmartReport transforms this information into detailed toll billing reports. By sending GPS data through SmartReport's API endpoint, companies can receive precise analyses of route usage and associated expenses, essential for strategic decision-making.

For new customers, the process involves just three steps. It begins with creating devices, which allows for the collection of data from fleet vehicles. This step is straightforward and easy to set up since flespi supports dozens of brands and hundreds of devices. Simply add a new device, select the manufacturer and model, and configure device parameters on your end, applying custom logic for analytics such as the data collection interval.

After configuring devices, the next step is to create a channel to accept messages sent by the devices. Finally, the last step is to set up a stream to forward the data so that SmartReport's API endpoint can process it. Additionally, it's possible to adjust stream parameters according to the technical specifications required, ensuring that all fields are included, such as latitude, longitude, speed, license plate, and others relevant for toll reports.

Before deployment, it's widely acknowledged that conducting tests is essential to ensure correct data transmission. This involves using the testing URL provided by SmartReport, sending test data, and verifying the API response to ensure data reception and accurate report generation. Once testing is successful, users can implement the integration in the production environment by changing the stream configuration to SmartReport's production URL for data monitoring. 

Easy integration standards ensure that SmartReport's API endpoint works smoothly, seamlessly exchanging message payloads with flespi. Clear documentation and technical support enable developers on both sides to establish live communication between the platforms, translating local data into valuable reports. As the cherry on top, this concept has proven to be scalable and capable of handling heavy loads. 

"In a world where every second and every peso counts, the integration of flespi with SmartReport emerges as support for fleet management in Chile. This collaboration allows companies to monitor and automatically report toll costs, optimizing operations and minimizing unnecessary expenses." / Etienne Arraya, CEO at SmartReport