24 May, 2018

The new CeBIT, the new flespi

Meet the Gurtam folks in Hannover on June 12-15 for a friendly talk at the major industry event.

It’s been a little more than a year since we announced the release of flespi on CeBIT 2017. Then it was a promising MVP with a lot of potential. 

This year CeBIT is undergoing a major overhaul. So is flespi. Both become more vibrant, technology-driven, and people-friendly.

Now flespi is a grown-up platform getting new features, new protocols support and adopting new technologies at an impressive pace. Some things we’ve done weren’t even scheduled a year ago! So we’ll always have a feature or two up our sleeve to impress you. Come see us to not only learn about our latest and greatest stuff but also to see it live and figure out how it applies to your business needs.

As a pleasant extra, check hundreds of other high-tech companies innovating day and night to surprise you, make more meaning and bring more value.

Meet a lot of friendly faces from Wialon and flespi teams in person at Hall 13 Stand #E122! We’ll be there (in Hannover, Germany) on June 12-15.