22 October, 2020

MiCovid Cam thermal cameras for COVID19 testing in public places

Combining facial recognition and temperature detection to assist businesses and public institutions in times of pandemic.

With coronavirus not going anywhere in the near future, businesses are seeking ways to find a balance between productivity and safety. Making sure employees or students are in good health and are not posing threat to the surrounding people becomes part of the new reality and part of the responsible and caring business practice.

MiCovid Cam by DCS is an integrated solution combining AI thermal detector with cutting edge facial recognition and body temperature detection and the API to effectively consume and process the obtained data.

What are the possible MiCovid Cam applications?

Even though the device was released between the two waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s much more multifunctional than its name may suggest. Here are some of the possible uses of the solution:

  • Temperature validation — again, it’s not just about COVID but about any diseases or conditions that are accompanied by increased temperature).

  • Facial recognition — making sure only authorized people enter the building. BTW, the solution can also detect if the person is wearing a mask or not.

  • Arrival time verification — if paired with facial recognition, can track the punctuality and attendants of your employees or students.

  • Alert notifications — the triggers can be versatile: high temperature, late arrival, no mask, etc.

What makes MiCovid Cam stand out?

  • Faster face detection time (0.05 second)

  • Wider detection range (0.3 - 1.2m)

  • Higher measurement accuracy (±0.2℃)

  • Larger facial database (50,000 records)

  • Mask absence detection

  • Flexible API for versatile integrations

How to consume data from MiCovid Cam?

MiCovid Cam can be used as a stand-alone deployment, however, its true power unveils when integrating it via the API into a software solution that will process, analyze, and interpret the consumed data based on the business needs.

The MiCovid Cam API can also direct forward the data into the major cloud databases, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google IoT. 

MiCovid Cam relies on the fast and lightweight MQTT protocol to instantly publish device messages to the broker once triggered by a temperature scan. The MQTT message delivers a JSON string containing the parameters captured at the time of the scan.

System integrators developing solutions to be used with the MiCovid Cams will access the data by subscribing to the flespi MQTT broker and using MQTT API. They will require an authentication token, a channel ID, username and password to begin their development efforts – along with their specific device IDs (to address specific cameras). 

micovid cam flespi mqtt broker API

With access to the data established, it all comes down to the needs of the solution being developed and the parameters required to satisfy these needs. 


Thermal cameras are the logical response to the growing threat of dangerous health conditions (including but not limited to the COVID-19 virus). Businesses willing to survive (or, better, prosper) have to find ways to adapt their operations to meet the imposed social restrictions and regulatory measures. 

With MiCovid Cams, helpful accessories, and easy integration capabilities, the options to check and protect your employees, attendees, visitors, etc. are endless. It’s up to you to decide which parameters (temperature, time, image, mask presence, etc.) to take into consideration and how to arrive at the insights; the data is instantly available and awaiting your smart move to deliver value to the business.

If you are doubtful if having a MiCovid Cam at the entrance has tangible benefits for your business or you need more details on the technical side, contact the DCS team with any questions.