26 March, 2020

COVID-19 rescue campaign

Call for action to everyone who wants to help local governments control and restrain the spread of coronavirus.

Dear Friends,

I’m Aliaksei Schurko, Chief Gurtam Architect and head of the flespi team. We are developing technologies for the telematics industry and offering the infrastructure to accelerate the creation of vertical business applications powered by telematics.

flespi team ready to fight covid19

We cannot stay indifferent to the situation unfolding in front of our eyes across the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People suffer. Businesses suffer. Countries suffer. No-one benefits. 

We eagerly want to help.

We cannot help much with money but we can help with technologies, toolsets, and support for the development of applications aimed at controlling the spread of the coronavirus.

We see the pressing need to control people’s movement and monitor vehicles and cargo in transit

We want to contribute our expertise for FREE in the following ways:

  • Give Commercial flespi account for the development of anti-COVID-19 projects

  • Technical consulting, guidance, and coordination of anti-COVID-19 projects

  • Quick applications development for anti-COVID-19 projects (thanks to the professional help from the Space team)

We at Gurtam have the processing power and the human talent necessary to organize the monitoring of millions of people and/or vehicles in the shortest time possible since every day counts.

The way we see the entire process work is: 

  1. Gurtam provides tools, resources, and consulting for the development of human- or vehicle-monitoring apps.

  2. Integrators (TSPs) access their local governments with national initiatives to develop the appropriate apps (depending on the country’s primary risks and needs).

  3. Governments force the roll-out of these anti-COVID-19 solutions across nations. 

In this hectic time, I want to ask our community to join forces and focus our efforts in the same direction to save lives, jobs, businesses, and humanity

Please contact us at info@flespi.com or directly via HelpBox chat for live communication with your thoughts, ideas, and concepts related to alleviating the harm from the COVID-19 and helping revive the national economies worldwide.

Let’s make this world a safer and healthier place together.

Update: A few telematics companies joined our initiative and together we formed COVID-19 IoT Alliance to struggle with the virus.