6 April, 2020

COVID19 IoT Alliance — a joint effort against coronavirus pandemic

A non-profit initiative by telematics and IoT companies willing to help governments fight COVID19.

And they found allies…

As you might know, we launched the COVID19 rescue campaign just about a week ago. Almost immediately we realized that to maximize the chances of finding and engaging in a truly meaningful project that will make a difference we can do more.

What if we were to offer our technology partners to engage in this initiative? Not only would that increase the reach of our message, but also help bring resources on the connectivity and hardware side that any IoT/telematics project needs by definition.

And that's what we've done. We now offer other emphatic companies in our industry to join this initiative.

This move has already allowed us to attract a few major players in the field of Telematics, IoT, and Connectivity and expand our reach significantly.

Guiding principles

We don’t want the alliance to be the red carpet for the chosen ones to show off and amplify their marketing message. We formed it for a purpose with no intention to capitalize on the global disaster, but rather to contribute to fighting against this terrible global epidemic. The success of this initiative will ultimately be measured not by the number of people who will learn about it or by the number of reposts in the social media, but by the tangible difference the real projects we embark on will make.

Hence, to ensure that new, as well as current alliance members, devote themselves to this initiative for the good, we devised a list of expectations that the members must meet to be able to join the alliance. Here are the three key provisions:

  • No-one of the alliance members is seeking any commercial benefit from the participation in the alliance. Alliance members commit to provide products or services for the projects at cost.

  • All alliance members are expected to actively seek opportunities and contribute potential project concepts relevant to the alliance profile (telematics- or IoT-based projects).

  • Each member is using every effort to spread the word about the alliance, its mission, and guiding principles.
    Minimal involvement:
    - create a dedicated page about the alliance (similar to the one on the flespi website)
    - repost publications from COVID19 IoT Alliance in the corresponding social networks (FB, LinkedIn) within 24 hours. 

Join us

The alliance is ready to welcome enthusiastic and active members who will accommodate the above principles and express the willingness to contribute valuable products and services for the relevant upcoming project

Should your company decide to join in, please write us an email at info@flespi.com explaining what you can bring to the table.

Follow us

We are going to cover our progress with the COVID19 IoT Alliance — ideas, concepts, projects, members, results — on Facebook and LinkedIn, so, please follow this big-hearted initiative in the preferred media channel: