8 June, 2023

Go green with flespi

Big-picture and specific ideas on how flespi can help build solutions that make our world a better place.

June 5 is an internationally celebrated World Environment Day. It has been reminding us of the importance of taking care of and taking responsibility for our planet for already 50 years. And even though hundreds of eco initiatives launch every year, we are still unable to revert the harm the humanity causes to the ecosystem. It means, that we have to persist with even more zeal. So today, we decided to contemplate in what ways flespi can contribute to a greener and safer world.

Since flespi is just a toolkit that facilitates telematics and IoT solutions development, the ultimate “green” functionality of the product is upon its creators. However, we want to give you some ideas that can be easily implemented in flespi and used under the hood of such solutions.

Fuel monitoring

Obviously, the less fuel is burnt, the better. And if the fuel is not stolen, it’s way better. With flespi analytics, you can easily detect such events as:

  • fuel drain

  • idle time with engine on

  • excessive fuel consumption due to overspeeding

  • and a lot more

Here’s an example calculator configuration to detect fuel theft (rapid change in fuel volume):

calculator selector fuel level

The selector (criteria for interval generation) will check for significant drop in fuel.level by comparing the current and the previous values.

flespi calculator counters fuel monitoring

Counters may include various information that may be relevant and helpful. We added the amount of fuel stolen, time, and location of the incident. But you can adjust according to your needs.

As you can see, calculators have dozens of parameters in configuration, which makes them extremely flexible and powerful. Remember, you can always ask for assistance from our team in the chat!

Unintended use of the vehicle

If the corporate fleet is used for personal errands, it means extra fuel burnt, extra wear of the tires and other parts of a vehicle, and extra safety risks.

You can arrange basic control here by assigning geofences for allowed territories and making sure the vehicle is not in motion outside working hours. For geofencing, you can use a special plugin type msg-geofence

flespi geofence plugin configuration

And here’s how the sample calculator configuration can look like:

flespi calculator selector geofence status

We are simply checking for the state of the parameter added by the geofence plugin and record the position and time of geofence in or out:

flespi calculator counters geofence exit

Idling with engine on

Depending on the vehicle type, load, engine size, and fuel type, an idling vehicle consumes 0.6-5.7 liters of fuel per hour and produces zero result (except for emitting exhaust fumes). So, it would be nice to become aware of such situations and take action? Again, flespi calculators can help catch such cases — the conditions to be met are: idling (zero speed) and running engine:

flespi calculator selector idling check

The counters may vary, but we included the position where idling takes place and the time it started.

flespi calculator selector engine on check


Another approach to going green is developing micromobility projects. And flespi is ready to be your reliable partner here as well. We even have a dedicated page that explains how to build a sharing platform on top of flespi. 

The best testimonial for us is the fact that several dozens sharing businesses across the globe built their solutions with flespi and keep growing both locally and internationally.

Industrial IoT

Flespi is not limited to the use with moving objects only. It may well be used to aggregate data from the sensors on a plant or factory and to analyze the state of air, wastes, machinery, whatnot. 


We, in flespi, are all about optimizing processes. Yours as well as ours. For instance, our platform is developed in a highly efficient way mostly using C programming language, to minimize the use of computing power on our servers, thus cutting electricity bills and not overheating the planet.

There’s so much more that you can invent and implement with flespi to make a little (but positive) dent in the universe, we just wanted to give you some ideas in the eco-conscious direction to springboard from. Let’s go green together! 🍀