28 December, 2021

Reminiscing the year 2021

Highlights, warm words, and holiday wishes for our dear users.

With the inception of the pandemic around two years ago, it looks (and feels) that the world has been going through a neverending chain of turbulent, mind-blowing, and jaw-dropping events and processes. Bitcoin rollercoaster, NFTs sold for millions of dollars, Meta universe, self-driving vehicles, TikTok becoming more visited than Google — we have been so heavily bombarded with the news on this kind of topics that they may be perceived as the most critical aspects of our reality. But when you look out the window, there’s nothing like that.

We are still living in a world where intelligent use of telematics and IoT devices is rare. And no, the hardware installers are not wearing the AR glasses to help them mount the equipment. 5G is not ubiquitous and there are still areas with poor or no cellular connectivity. Telematics solution providers still care about how much traffic the devices generate. Configuring different types of hardware is still a pain since each manufacturer has its own device management tool (or no tool at all). Cloud platforms, although seemingly almighty, still require extra efforts to pre-process the data to make it easily digestible for them.

Unlike Meta, we in flespi do not try to take you into the virtual world to distract you from the hurdles in the real world. Instead, we are trying to make the real world more efficient by simplifying the small things in the industry where our expertise applies. 

We encourage our users to take more control of their lives parsing logic by opening our protocol parsing engine (PVM) to the public.

We guarantee solution providers a sound sleep by minimizing the chance of possible downtime with a high-availability (“five nines”) backend platform.

We let developers go home earlier and spend more time with their loved ones by taking care of numerous mundane tasks like binary data handling, parameters normalization, device configuration, and more.

We help businesses save on development costs and spend more on Christmas presents for the employees and their families.

Our caring customer support team is ready to guide you every step of the way to make your experience with flespi as enjoyable and memorable as your Christmas celebration.


Despite all the ups and downs in the world economy, the lockdowns and resource shortages, you found strength, faith, and courage to move forward, to adapt, to compromise, and to deliver. Because you care about your business. We do too.

Thanks for being with us this year.

We are wishing you, your families, and your businesses a demanding yet rewarding year ahead.

Stay healthy and be happy!