How to fill missing message parameters with telemetry values?

Using plugins to add cached telemetry values in place of missing device message parameters.

The "item-telemetry" plugin type is used to add missing message parameters by taking their values from cached device telemetry.

Note: similar functionality but with more flexible configuration is offered by a dedicated pipe-cache-params channel.

Click on the "+" button in the Telematics Hub -> Plugins section to create a new plugin:

flespi panel telematics hub plugins

Let's define a new plugin that will add certain CAN parameters that are missing from the message:

add plugin of item telemetry type

Then we need to assign this plugin to the right devices. Go to the Plugins tab for the required device and click the "+" button:

assign plugin to flespi device

And then you should be able to see the new calculated field in the new device messages. Go to the Logs & Messages tab for the given device to check:

missing parameter in device messages


Change log

Subscribe to the telemetry plugin change log to stay in sync with any updates.

More plugin types

Find a comprehensive list of available plugins types here.

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