How to stream IoT & telematics data to RabbitMQ or AMQP?

Sending telemetry data from flespi to RabbitMQ or other AMQP 0-9-1 Broker.

If you want to feed the telemetry data from flespi to the RabbitMQ broker, you can create a stream to any AMQP 0-9-1 Broker such as CloudAMQP following the steps below.

CloudAMQP automates the setup, operation, and scaling of RabbitMQ clusters and is available for all major cloud and application platforms worldwide.

1. Create an account in CloudAMQP

open cloudamqp

2. Create a New Instance

create new instance on cloudamqp

3. Click on the instance name

open cloudamqp instance configuration

4. Copy the broker URL for future reference

copy cloudamqp broker url

5. Go to the RabbitMQ Manager

open rabbitmq manager

6. Create a queue

create a queue in rabbitmq manager

7. Configure the stream in flespi

create flespi stream to cloudamqp

8. Subscribe the stream to the channel

subscribe flespi stream to channel

9. Check message delivery

If you see the "stream has sent messages" log records in the stream Logs & Messages tab, it means flespi started forwarding the data via the stream:

check flespi stream logs

And you should also see your messages coming to RabbitMQ:

check rabbitmq queue status

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