How to read channel messages with MQTT Board?

Get telemetry messages from the flespi channel using MQTT API.

flespi provides extended and easy-to-use MQTT API. This guide shows how to read messages received by the flespi channel over MQTT with flespi online MQTT client tool —- MQTT Board.

We assume that you already have a channel constantly receiving new messages. 

1. Open MQTT Board

MQTTBoard is available inside the flespi panel in MQTT drop-down and as a separate client

2. Create a client

To create a client you have to use FlespiToken as username. flespi panel client will take the current session token for that.

3. Subscribe for new messages

To receive messages accepted by a certain channel create a “Subscriber” and subscribe it to topic flespi/message/gw/channels/{channel_id}/+ (substitute {channel_id} with the id of your channel).

4. Get results

All new messages will be received in the Subscriber tab:

mqtt board channel messages

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