How to share access to your flespi account?

Giving the proper permissions for safe access to the flespi panel and specialized tools.

Sometimes you want to share access to your account or certain tool with a colleague, contractor, or another third party. Let’s see how you can go about providing it.

Accessing the entire flespi panel

If you want to grant full access to the entire flespi administration panel, only generating a Master token will work. You can create one in the Tokens section of the left-side menu:

create flespi master token

Send this token to the required person and ask them to log in with flespi by token:

flespi panel login by token

Accessing the tools

If you want to give access to a specific tool like Toolbox, Setbox, TrackIt, you should create an ACL token with the properly restricted permissions. The permissions should be as follows:

  • For Toolbox:
    flespi acl token toolbox
    Note that you can grant Toolbox access to specific device ids only or to all devices in your account.

  • For Setbox:
    flespi acl token setbox
    Note that you will have to explicitly add the permissions for the settings submodule to be able to change device configuration.

  • For TrackIt:
    flespi acl token trackit

    Note that you will have to explicitly add the permissions for the messages and telemetry submodules to be able to extract all necessary data for TrackIt to operate correctly.

Once the token is ready, you can either give a third party an access link like this:

Or simply send them a token and instruct them to log in with the needed tool by token:

flespi trackit login by token

Using subaccounts to manage access rights 

[for Commercial customers only]

Flespi offers a comprehensive hierarchical accounts management system that allows creating multiple levels of subordinate accounts and granularly assign specific sets of permissions to them.

You will be able to create devices (and other entities) specifically for a given subaccount (partner, client) and thus no-one else will be able to access it (except for the top-level account, which will be presumably yours).

create flespi device for subaccount

Then if any of the subaccounts want to grant access to some or all of their entities, they can do so following the options above.

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